Things That I Love About Georgetown University

Hey guys welcome to my blog, finally i’m back here to represent the things i love and hate about Georgetown but really gonna be love and not hate because there is no real out that I hate anger and I do not want to say hate because it’s really hard for me to hate something. No matter what I have to work soon so I’m goin g and starting.

Georgetown University

Things That I Love About Georgetown University

So let’s start with things I do not like because I do not want to finish this article on a negative note so as one this campus is full of hills and stairs. So it’s called the top of the hill for a reason and I know that’s coming but I did not know how frustrating you are to get it Literally you will not be able to go anywhere without climb at least three or four flights of m I’m stairs and climbed up on a hill so basically I did not level not get to my dorm without going upstairs yeah I noticed a significant increase in my thigh strength because I came and so it’s just one thing which is really simple but ends up making a difference at the time. I know that college food is not good but I do not think it would be like this so we have a dining hall with an upstairs floor that you know individually cook in every place and then a sort of down all-you-can-eat buffet area and the meal below is just like to think of getting your favorite food and then making it tasteless and then like a little lukewarm so yeah it really only takes every kind of food that you think you want and then makes it like subpar and that’s honest sort of if it’s balance I did not get Freshman Fifteen.

Overview of Georgetown University

Just because the choices were only three numbers plumbing Like Georgetown some serious pipe issues were all three The toilet in my clump is currently running off the rain often floods and The Laundry Basin is usually the flood facility aspect of this is not only good I mean it is not gonna be like a hotel and as only four got another of those things the doors here are so heavy not I’ve ever experienced opening a light door like that everybody hurts me hands I think I really want to be really buff only from opening These doors are nothing for me as five is that’s not really a sports culture so it’s clear we have d1 sports teams and Also a wonderful basketball coach Patrick I do everything I do not know much about sports I’m okay what I really came from at a school but high The school has a lot of school spirit and we do not really we have a good athlete but bad sports spirit The number one is the party here I’m not sure if people know it but because It’s a Catholic school that we are not doing with a university that recognizes fraternities and Sorority because of the kind of Greek life really goes against values ??so instead what often happens is the frats and sorority s on campus is kindly formatted like clubs but they do not have your own home that you have a place called Henley Village it is a junior housing unit and like its apartment and that’s where all the parties is on campus that there are pre games around there is like a village a town house with a party.

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