Importance Of RED HAT Linux Certifications

Hello, everyone, I’m from Coolitech and today I’m going to tell you is where Linux knowledge will land you. So consider a bank these two one girl and the boy they are working in a bank and you go to the bank like we as a customers we go to the bank to do with our transaction and the girl sitting there can help me making giving me my bank information and all the things and I can go to the other branch. Also which that man is there so but is my data stored on their local hardest no data is being sent somewhere else. The data is not stored in the local hardness of my bank executive machine. The data is going somewhere else right so data is not stored in the local hardness data is on the move because if my data was on the local hardness then I won’t be able to access my bank details from a different branch right. So data is always on the move like this. So this is the area where we work in the bank we go to the men or that beautiful girl there and we do the transactions but the data is not stored here so this area the bank here my bank I am just let me draw a boundary here so this area where V as a customer interact with the bank is known as the desktop or the workstation area right. This is the area where the customers deal with the bank executors like the girl and the boy there but the data is not stored in their local hardness.

Importance Of RED HAT Linux

Data is on the move so data is being sent to some different places data will never be stored in the local artists because if the data is there in the local hardest then I won’t be able to access my data across India or across the world so data is on the move so where the data is going to using switches it can be a Cisco switch or a juniper switch or any other switch using networking infrastructure like using the switches like this different branch will have different switching and then using complex networking technologies and the protocols and using the routing. Also here comes my router so data is moved to their secure location. So this area where the data is being routed to add to the data centre either within the organization or offshore this is being handled by the networking. Guys, so we call it the network infrastructure area infrastructure. Means there here I have got switches and routers which handles my data so data is constantly on the move to the same data that you have just inquired about is being moved over the network using routers and switches but where did the data is going this is the most important part of a company so a company is logically divided into three parts. One is the desktop or the workstation area another is the network infrastructure area and third one this is the part this is not the transformer kind of stuff so this is the server these are the servers where actually the company is storing their customers critical data and the security here is the prime concern right because you won’t like. If your data integrity or say a bank account is being wrongly debited by one dollar or two or $2 right for this area where actually the data is stored is the more important area as far as any company’s concerned or any bank is concerned or any organization is concerned.

Linux Certifications

This is the area so we call this area as a data centre and normally the bigger the company the bigger are the chances that these data centres servers will be running the Linux and chances are that they will be running Red Hat Enterprise Linux as their operating system on their servers in the data centre. So if when you are trying to learn Linux or when you are enrolling for course like Linux so it’s for our SC our CV that means you want to move inside this data centre area you don’t want to work in the network infrastructure area you don’t want to work in the – strawberry but you want to work in the data centre area right. If you won’t see yourself that if you do courses like MCIPT or MCS see that means you want to work in the desktop or the workstation area in any organization are you giving you an example of Bank but you want to work here.

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