Dell EMC – What They Do and Motive

I talk to you today about the Dell EMC advantage and how organizations using. Dell EMC is going to be able to transform for the future technology itself, is transforming the way they live and work and that’s happening at an ever-increasing pace. Their consumers are demanding everything now, in fact, the attention span of the average human has been measured at less than a goldfish eight seconds is your attention span they work whenever and wherever so their work is not bounded by the walls of the office.

The Motive of Dell EMC

They love data to create more data than they want more of it they want the immediacy of information whether it’s driving to work on a morning. They want to know where the cops are and also want to know where the incidents are. Whether it’s taken photos all the time were generating data all been driven by mobile devices and because everything they do now is online and we go online and the bad guys are online were probably at more risk than ever before. There are about a million cyber attacks launched every single day so the world that we live in is changing dramatically.

Dell EMC

Now a change can be scary a million cyber attacks every single day that’s a scary thought but change can bring massive opportunity and at this point in time what they’re looking to do is embrace that change and drive that change into the organizations that they work with now. If businesses embrace change they can transform entire industries look at what’s going on in the world that we live in. Look at the media industry, it’s been transformed by companies like Netflix streaming movies on demand movies themselves are now becoming digital look at the automotive industry and what the likes of Tesla are doing they have a software driven car look at the Hotelling business and companies like Airbnb are revolutionising. The way that folks book and stay away from home. This is going to happen in every single industry in every single country around the world. The companies that embrace change will be winners and have a competitive advantage the companies that ignore change we believe will struggle but it’s not just about transforming industries. It really is about transforming the world for good and really more than that enabling human progress so you take back and think okay you know great lofty goals but can we Dell technologies really do that well think about it for a second what we know is that every five years you get a 10x 10x the amount of computing 10x the amount of storage 10x the amount of available bandwidth so think about that for a second after 15 years.

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Then we can potentially expect a thousand x that means that processors will be a thousand times faster as storage arrays will be a thousand times denser and there’ll be a thousand x the available network bandwidth. Think of a world where you’ve got a thousand x for a second and by the way we’re a Kirin. It a key enabler of that the basic building blocks of infrastructure compute storage and network. We play a big role in what can you do in 2031 what will we enable the world to do you’ll be able to sequence a genome in 94 seconds and it’ll cost less than a dollar.

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