5 Best Websites to Watch Anime in 2019 for Free

Now before heading towards websites first, you make sure to get pop-up blocker extension in your browser to avoid any kind of pop-ups or annoying advertisement you will find under Chrome Web Store. Now let’s head to the article.


So beginning with number five, we have the anime website known as anime frenzy. On this website, you will find anime episodes, movies and also you can watch cartoon. anime is available in both subbed and dubbed languages. You can click the anime tab to check the overall list of anime available on this website.


Getting to number 4, we have an anime website known as dubbed anime. If you are looking to watch anime and only dumped language then my suggestion would be this website because on this website you won’t find any problem with dubbed episodes. Once you enter anime tab you will find anime starting with the most popular ones.


On number three we have anime website known as anime heaven and this is how the home page of the website looks like where you will find anime names with their episode number. On the right side, you will find ongoing anime with a chat option, in case if you have to discuss something with anyone related to animes. The list of enemies available you will also find a search option on every website to find the video.

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The website name matches the website interface. We have anime simple on number two. A very smooth and simple website to stream anime. Starting with the home page you will find the recently added anime episodes and below you will find the most popular ones with ongoing series. Explore tab will give you filters such as type languages, premiered, status and genre, helping you to easily find any anime. You will find anime in both sub and dub languages on this website.


Finally coming at number one Anime Ultima. This is one of the best website to stream anime when it comes to advertisement loading of the video quality and simple interface. I found no advertisement on this website using till now but can’t say about the future. You can click on the anime tab and explore the available anime. Also, you will find A night mode option in case you are accessing a website at night in the dark.

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