5 Best Free PDF Editors for 2019

Hey, what’s up guys and welcome back to another article on Cooli Tech. In this article, I am going to show you five free PDF editors for editing your PDF documents. so let’s head to the article.


So beginning with number five we have Small PDF. Small PDF is an all-in-one online PDF editing tool and this is how the homepage looks like. On the right of the website, you will find an option to edit a PDF document. You will find an option to directly upload from Google Drive or Dropbox. Click on choose file to directly upload PDF file from your computer. Once editing page has opened, on the top you will find tools for editing. you can start editing by text tool but there is a limit to text size, fonts and text colour. Option to upload an image if it is saved on your computer, adding shape to your document. For basic editing you can go for a small PDF, once you have done with your editing on the bottom you will find an option to apply. Click apply and you will get an option to download.


PDF Escape is also a free and online PDF editor. To start editing click on free online and it will take you to a page where you can upload PDF document. Once you have uploaded the required document on the left side you will find tools to edit. First, you will find a basic option to add text. For text, you will find multiple colours to end. You will find whiteout to remove unnecessary objects. plus you can add links to your document. You will find annotate option to add sticky notes, with an option to highlight the sentence and underline the words you need to. Once you have done with your editing on the left side you will find an option to save your document.


Getting to number three we have PDF Editor Sejda. Once you visit the official website you will find multiple an option like to merge, compress and convert, split and many more. Now to start edit under popular you will find PDF editor. On top of the website, you will find tools to edit. Compared to previous to PDF editor you will find more text fonts on Sejda. You will find forms to highlight the sentence plus the image to upload. You can also add a signature to your document wideout and shapes to complete your overall task. Once you have done with your document bottom below you will find an option to save.


PDF 2 Go is one of my favourite PDF Editor because of its easy and smooth functioning of editing tools on this site, you will find an option to upload from your Drive or Dropbox. Once you have opened your PDF document on the top you will find selection tools and on the right editing tools. But starting with text you will find minimum font option. Using any tool on PDF to go is very easy and simple. You will enjoy editing on this site due to flexibility on using any tool, plus you will find different and many types of the tool compared to previous editors shown. For easy and smooth editing my choice will be PDF 2 Go.

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Finally coming at number one we have Inkscape. Basically, Inkscape is a free designing tool but can also be used for PDF editing. This is the official website from where you can download Inkscape for free. Click on download, select the operating system you are using with the architecture bit and get downloaded. Once you have successfully installed Inkscape open and software will look like this. On the left side of top click on a file and open the document you are looking for edit. Once the file is open select the page you are looking to edit and go ahead. Now on the left, you will find tools to edit the documents with the most powerful features. You can select ungroup’ option to move the object on the PDF. Using Inkscape as a beginner will be difficult for you so on the official website you will find an option to learn where you can find a tutorial in learning this software.

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