4 Awesome Apps To Make Money From Your Phone

In today’s article, I’m gonna be showing you four apps for both Apple and Android that you can download and start earning money.


Alright everybody so here we are with the first app and this is a really cool one that not too many people know about but this is called Foap and this is for both Apple and Android and I do believe every single app I’m going to be showing you today or for both Apple and Android that way both parties are satisfied. If you have some other type of phone that aren’t those I’m sorry but those are the two major ones but what Foap does is you can actually take the photos and videos you’ve recorded on your phone or your camera you upload them to Foap and brands go through and if they see a photo they like they can buy it and what you do is you get 50% of how much the photo was sold for. Right so as you can see there like somebody uploaded a picture of a kid and a dog and so if a brand came maybe a dog type brand and they wanted a lifestyle type of picture they would go ahead and buy that photo and you would get paid 50% of however much they pay for the photo and obviously you set the present in your photo and the other money does go to folk. So it’s like a 50-50 cut but pretty simple app right. You simply just download the app and you start uploading content right and obviously you know your contents gonna need to be good to get it sold but just make your content good right so this one is a bit different right this one is more catered to people that take a lot of pictures, take a lot of videos and are maybe looking to make an extra income off of the photos and videos.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

The second one is actually Google opinion rewards and this is another one not many people know about and Google has actually created a rewards program where basically you go you download the Google opinion rewards app on your phone this is for both Apple and Android as well as most of these in here and then you go ahead and you just answer questions these are questions based off the apps or based off a bunch of different things right Google just wants your opinion on different things so they can improve their business and in return they actually give you points or rewards which is actually basically money and gift cards for their app store right so basically you know they say you get about one to two dollars per survey youcomplete right and that’s one is two dollars you can go into the app store and buy something with right you can run a movie you can buy a new app you can buy more candy crush lives or something like that so if you guys are into something like that this is a really cool one right obviously you can’t use the money from this to buy it like actual items but you can use it to buy cool apps movies stuff like that things you’d probably end up purchasing anyways and just use this money towards that so Google opinion rewards is a really simple one you just answer a few questions from Google themselves obviously Google is a very trusted person so your information is not going to the wrong place and then you pretty much just submit it and you get one to two dollars for the App Store for doing so so definitely go ahead and get Google opinion rewards after this videoso you can start you know getting movies and stuff like that basically for free.

3. Field Agent

So this third one is actually one of the coolest ones and this is called field agent and so what this one basically you know this one if you you download it on Apple and Android as you can see here you use your Apple or iPhone or you use your iPhone or Android device to gather specific information then get paid so basically you you download the app you sign up for a free count it’s free pretty simple to do and then in your city it will show different jobs right and as you can see these little ties here are actually the different jobs so it’ll show a map of where you are and show the jobs near you obviously in bigger cities there are going to be more jobs so there’s probably bigger potential for earning there but as long as your city isn’t too too small there should be still some jobs you can go ahead and do and so basically what you do is you would click on the little tie thing and then you would sign up for the job and then you have two hours to go ahead and complete that job and if you get it completed within two hours you get paid so the really cool thing is with most of these jobs they have something do with like retail stores grocery stores and something like that so what they recommend is you know don’t go out of your way to do these jobs unless you have a bunch of free time but just so when you’re at the store just check your phone and see hey is there is there a job I could do real quick while I’m at the store right these jobs do not take very long at all most of them they say hey go to go to this I own the store find this product take a picture of it and upload it that way we know it’s being displayed as we want it’s looking like it’s good quality and stuff like that right brands just want to see how the product is being displayed and stuff of that nature right so if you’re doing grocery shopping might as well make some extra you know income while you’re doing so just by taking a few minutes out of your day um they pay I believe it said two to twelve dollars per job you complete but as I said before right these do not take long you find the product take a picture upload it so if you get $12 to do that you know it should only take you like 10 to 15 minutes that’s a that’s a pretty decent you know side income you can get just while you’re shopping so if you guys do shop a lot or maybe you guys just have a ton of free time on your hands definitely go ahead and get field agent and try it out see if it’s something you like and enjoy but you know you get two to twelve dollars actually between 1 and 12 right so depending on what the job requires you’re going to get paid one to twelve dollars if you’re shopping and there’s multiple jobs even better right because you can rack up even more money and maybe you could even get your groceries paid for by doing that so field agent is one of the coolest ones and this is probably one of the best penguins right because you can get paid up to $12 per job I mean like I said before that jobs really don’t take two too long so $12 in a pretty short amount of time while you’re already shopping.

4. Dosh

This last one some of you have probably heard of it I’ve talked about dosh app. I couldn’t leave this one out because this is probably the best app to make money I’ve made I believe over a couple hundred dollars with this myself if you go on YouTube and you look up – earnings or something there’s people that have made thousands of dollars with this app itself and you get five dollars per person you refer and so all the people in thegroup chat signed up and he made a bunch of money so if you’re in a big group chat or you’re in a group of some sort maybe a Facebook group or something like that where you could promote this I get five dollars for every single person that’s an easy way to make you know a decent amount of money I’m just by doing that so basically what – is is basically you connect a credit or debit card to it and it basically gives you cash back onpurchases and the way they make their money I’m assuming you’re wondering okay how do they actually make money then well companies pay them to actually put their store on the app right because it’s gonna bring the company business when you get cash back and stuff like that so as you can see here you pay with your card and you can get up to 10% cash back but where the real money can be made is when you get paid to refer right you get five dollars per person who downloads the app and links a card to it so that’s completely free to do right these people don’t have to pay anything to sign up and link a card so it’s extremely easy to get that five dollars so that is why this is a great app to start promoting yourself right you can go into Facebook groups maybe like there’s like couponing Facebook groups in your city or just couponing Facebook groups worldwide and you can promote this app and they’re in there and say hey check this out you can get ten cash back or you know five percent cash back at forever 21 just by downloading this app here’s the link to the operate as simple as that and that should be a good way you can actually make some money with the dosh app.

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